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Amrita Patel Interview

Amrita Patel, 66, Chairman, NDDB

Once again in the BT Power List. Does it still enthuse you?
I am not a businesswoman. I am in the business of putting other women in business. If young women can be inspired in anyway by this then I feel something has been achieved.

Your definition of power has it changed over the years?
No. Power to me is not really an individual thing. It is an ability to empower all and collectively reach a goal.

New lessons learnt in 2009.
Dairy sector cannot be seen in isolation ... and there is need to have a holistic approach.

New frontiers conquered in 2009.
Used the year more to focus on internal strengths.

What next?
Continue being a catalyst so that focus remains on enhancing milk productivity. - E. Kumar Sharma

Resource: Business Today