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Zarina Mehta Interview

Zarina Mehta, 47, Founder-Director & Chief Creative Officer, UTV Network

Once again in the BT Power List. Does it still enthuse you?
Yes absolutely, I'm truly honoured to be on the BT list for two years in a row.

Your definition of power has it changed over the years?
Not really. No one can have real power over another. And if we believe we have it, then it's best to use power as infrequently as possible!

New lessons learnt in 2009.
This past year has been so, so hard... Despite this, UTV Broadcast Network has become the fastest-growing network. So, the lesson is never give up, believe in brands and just keep fighting because bad times really make you stronger.

What next?
Our objective is to establish UTV Network as a significant player in the Hindi-speaking market. On a personal front, I am looking forward to 10 days of Vipassana! - Anusha Subramanian

Resource: Business Today